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La Bastida Project began to take shape in 2007 due to a confluence of scientific and institutional intentions. This archaeological site involves a comprehensive research, museological and dissemination project with a threefold objective.


  1. Systematic scientific research

    This research blends the extensive archaeological excavations and specialized analysis of La Bastida’s past and future findings. One of the scheduled works is to recover and study the objects and pieces found since the nineteenth century, which are now scattered in the museums of Murcia, Brussels, Ghent, National Archaeological Madrid, Almería, Lorca and Cartagena. 


    Vista del yacimiento de La Bastida


  2. Museology and dissemination

    The workline will be a museological and disseminative initiative base on the archaeological site itself. The didactic and disseminative work includes guided tours of the site and the research center laboratories, as well as the (in)formation addressed to school groups involving field activities and laboratory practice.

    One of the purposes of the activities of divulgation and awareness is to prevent the archaeological heritage from the illegal digging, the plundering and antiquity traffic that has pitifully affected the site of La Bastida since the nineteenth century

    Ajuar encontrado en una tumba


  3. To establish the foundations of an international center for the study of Mediterranean prehistory and archaeology 

    The ultimate goal is to implement an interdisciplinary research center that will provide a place for research, assembly and debate, open to experts in archaeology and auxiliary sciences, but also experts in education and general culture. One key tool will be a digital library about the Argaric Society, provided with a semantic search engine capable of performing complex searches.


    Vistas del futuro museo de La Bastida


La Bastida de Totana

Digital Archeology

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